Diversity & Inclusion

What makes us different makes us better

We value your perspective

At United Rentals, we define diversity and inclusion as having an environment that allows individuals from a wide range of cultures, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to thrive. This includes celebrating and leveraging our variety of skill sets, treating everyone fairly and respectfully, and giving everyone access to opportunities and resources that allow them to contribute fully to the organization’s success.

United Rentals’ Inclusion Statement

We strive to build a better United Rentals that is inclusive, empowered and safe - where members of our United Family go home each day even better than they arrived. It is our responsibility to take care of, support and encourage one another in all that we do. We all play an important and active role in fostering a culture of integrity, trust and understanding, and we are committed to continuous growth that can only broaden our perspectives by listening, learning and encouraging others to do the same. Together, we build an even better future.

Read our Equal Opportunity Employer and accessibility statements here
A diverse group of United Rentals employees stand together at a construction site.

Working with community leaders

United Rentals is proud to sponsor and support leading organizations helping to create a level playing field in the workplace.

  • National Association for Women in Construction (NAWIC)
  • Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Program Sponsor
  • National Minority Supplier Development Council

Employee Resource Groups

One of the keys to maximizing diversity is ensuring team members feel included, supported, valued and respected. Our employee resource groups (ERGs)—Together United, Women United and Veterans United—help us achieve that and so much more. These groups enhance the professional development and productivity of our team and further develop relationships with our customers and communities. Our ERGs are initiated and led by employees, sponsored by an executive champion and, consistent with our inclusive culture, open to all employees at United Rentals.

Women United

Crossing boundaries

Women United focuses on leading the transformation of our industry’s gender diversity. We want to drive the competitive advantage of diversity and support inclusion through networking, education and the promotion of career opportunities for our female team members. Women United makes it a priority to stay connected by celebrating important career milestones like promotions, anniversaries and significant accomplishments. This group concentrates on increasing engagement, working more closely with female employees, supporting female executives and strengthening mentor relationships and establishing informal professional development.

Laurel, Regional Product Development Manager, explains the leadership development she has received at United Rentals.


Regional Product Development Manager, Houston, TX

Women United has given me the opportunity to hone my leadership skills, create and host district-wide community service events, and attend national sales and leadership conferences. The focus on personal development and career progression is unparalleled. As a young professional out of college, Women United has given me the opportunity to cultivate my soft skills. Now, Women United is giving me the opportunity to coach and train our new employees and cultivate the future leaders of United Rentals.

Together United

Helping those who need it most

As a family, we are stronger. The mission of Together United is for all United Rentals’ employees to come together to build a more diverse, inclusive and empowering workforce through personal, team and community building efforts. Together United helps employees forge personal relationships and the company attract and retain talent.

2020 Highlights

Our UR Pathway Platform is a career development program intentionally created to focus on the growth of our diverse team. It helps employees navigate and further their careers by offering resources for advancement and skill development.

Veterans United

Together, we're making a difference

At United Rentals, Veterans United is committed to the effective placement, transition and career development of all current and former service members and spouses. We honor and celebrate the military principles and camaraderie veterans bring to our company culture, encourage engagement with community partners who serve veterans and provide a supportive veteran ecosystem through networking and sponsorship.

Veterans United is open to all employees regardless of their military service and was formed to help support and promote our veterans. We participate in fundraising events by supporting veteran organizations in our communities and by donating our time and talents through a day of service at Fisher House, Valour Place and many other veteran supporting organizations. Veterans may also display their service on their uniform and vehicle, an initiative that was fostered by Veterans United.

Jordan, a Service Tech and member of the National Guard, praises United Rentals' efforts to hire veterans.


Service Tech, National Guard, E-4

I got the opportunity to work for United Rentals through the STEP program, which allows veterans and members who currently serve to train and eventually get hired with the company. I am grateful that United Rentals truly cares about their service members, and it shows. From the leadership and teamwork to the overall work environment, it was a great transition. They truly make you feel like a member of the team.

Diversity Awards:

2020 Innovations in Diversity Awards

Award of Excellence

Innovations in Diversity & Inclusion Awards 2020

We were recognized with an Award of Excellence in 2020 by Profiles in Diversity Journal for our Building a Better Future Roundtable Project.

2020 National Diversity Excellence Award

2020 National Diversity Excellence Award

Association of Builders and Contractors

ABC Diversity presented United Rentals with the National Diversity Excellence Award in the Supplier Diversity category for the 4th year in a row due to our continual enhancement of our diversity and inclusion programs.