Diversity & Inclusion

What makes us different makes us better

We value your perspective

At United Rentals, we define diversity and inclusion as having an environment that allows individuals from a wide range of cultures, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to thrive. This includes celebrating and leveraging our variety of skill sets, treating everyone fairly and respectfully, and giving everyone access to opportunities and resources that allow them to contribute fully to the organization’s success.

United Rentals’ Inclusion Statement

We strive to build a better United Rentals that is inclusive, empowered and safe – where members of our United Family go home each day even better than they arrived. It is our responsibility to take care of, support and encourage one another in all that we do. We all play an important and active role in fostering a culture of integrity, trust and understanding, and we are committed to continuous growth that can only broaden our perspectives by listening, learning and encouraging others to do the same. Together, we build an even better future.

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

United Rentals, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer of women, minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. Mutual respect for the dignity and fundamental rights of all persons defines our culture and is an essential ingredient for success. We're united by a strong work ethic and a determination to excel at customer service. Our goal is to attract and retain a talented, energetic and diverse team of individuals who share our commitment to excellence.

United Rentals provides equal opportunity to qualified individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans. United Rentals will provide reasonable accommodation when requested to enable completion of the online employment inquiry form, or, if desired, an alternative method of inquiry. If you need reasonable accommodation, please email careers@ur.com for assistance.

A diverse group of United Rentals employees stand together at a construction site.

Working with community leaders

United Rentals is proud to sponsor and support leading organizations helping to create a level playing field in the workplace.

  • National Association for Women in Construction (NAWIC)
  • Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Program Sponsor
  • National Minority Supplier Development Council
  • VETS Indexes' Employing U.S. Veterans Conference Sponsor

Employee Resource Groups – Together United

Building a diverse, inclusive, and empowered workforce is a core value to United Rentals. Our employee resource groups (ERGs) help us achieve that and so much more. Our ERGs are initiated and led by employees, sponsored by an executive champion and, consistent with our inclusive culture, open to all employees at United Rentals. Under the overarching umbrella of Together United we are building a better future for all employees by helping employees forge personal relationships and attract and retain diverse talent.

African & Black Heritage United ERG

The African & Black Heritage United (ABHU) mission is centered on building a sustained effort on recruiting, retaining, and developing employees that self-identify as Black, African American, and or as being of African descent. ABHU is a community for employees (BlPOC and allies) across United Rentals interested in promoting a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace and communities.

The African & Black Heritage United ERG was created to provide a safe space for authenticity. It’s important because representation matters. As a company, we pride ourselves on mirroring our communities that we live and serve. Team members like to see others who look like them in leadership roles throughout the company. It gives them a sense of hope that they too can achieve higher level roles, while feeling a sense of belonging.

Kerrigan Ambers

African & Black Heritage United

Hispanic and Latin Advancement (HOLA)

Building Hispanic & Latin Advancement (HOLA) while fostering a culture of intentional inclusion and diversity. Similar to our other Employee Resource Groups, HOLA United welcomes those that identify as Hispanic or Latin, as well as allies, to come together with unique perspectives to promote an inclusive work culture within the workplace and communities.

When my colleagues are able to come to work as their true authentic selves and feel a sense of belonging, they feel better, perform better, and connect better. We have created ERGs that give us an opportunity to collaborate and network with team members across our organization whom we may not normally interact with. I love that HOLA United helps showcase all the cultural love that makes up the fabric of our Hispanic/Latin heritage, and provides the opportunity to collaborate with teammates from all walks of life to champion one common purpose.

Marina Conklin

HOLA United


Building Pride in our LGBTQIA+ employees and equipping our allies. We hope by celebrating Pride, we create a safe space for our team to learn and grow together.

LGBTQIA+ United was created to bring light to important topics and show support to all of our LGBTQIA+ employees. This ERG also works to equip allies on things like pronoun usage, inclusive language and supportive actions. This group has partnered with key departments to secure inclusive care, producing training materials, and showing our LGTBQIA+ co-workers that they are welcome, important, and safe at United Rentals while offer mentoring and support.

Asher Knutson


Mental United

Building a workforce that fosters the action of getting help as a sign of strength. The goal is to continuously provide opportunities to learn about better ways to deal with the stressors of life, provide a safe space to discuss mental health struggles, highlight United Rentals benefits geared towards improved mental wellness, and help fight the stigma of seeking help for mental health issues.

The purpose first and foremost is to help with employees' mental wellness in whatever sense they need it. We all have stressors in our everyday lives, and we feel creating an outlet makes it a safe space for our employees to share and learn from others. We want our fellow employees to know that there are resources out there for them - whether that be financial, marriage, psychological, etc. This company cares a lot about its employees and continues to raise the bar on what it means to take care of every individual inside of a company.

Mark Madden

Mental Wellness United

Planet United

Building a sustainable future together. Planet United is focused on pursuing our mission of creating a better world through activities that bring awareness, engagement, and improved efficiency.

United Rentals has a diverse set of employees who offer great ideas, backgrounds and perspectives. With the creation of Planet United, we were looking for our teams to build a more sustainable environment, both within the company and in our local communities. As our employees learn more about sustainability and pick up new, positive habits, they take that home with them and incorporate it into their everyday lives.

Jeff Walker

Planet United

Veterans United

Building a supportive community for veterans, active-duty military, and allies. All current employees, regardless of military service, are welcome to be part of this community of volunteers. In every location, district and region across our footprint, passionate employees are eager to give back to individuals and organizations that have served in the armed forces throughout the globe.

The Veteran United ERG was created to give a voice to our veteran employees and for those that have a connection to veterans. We, as a company, felt there was a need to have this large portion of our population represented and supported as it relates to transitions to civilian life, benefits information and support, recognition, charitable work, and more. I am very grateful to work for an organization that promotes this type of resource group and engagement.

Kevin Converse

Veteran United

Women United

Building a transformative network to improve gender diversity and maintain a supportive environment for women. All active employees, not just women, are welcome to join Women United. Women United works to transform our industry, drive the competitive advantage of diversity, and supports inclusion through networking, education, and the promotion of career opportunities.

Choosing a career in a male-dominant industry should not limit a sense of community and belonging, and thankfully at United Rentals it doesn’t. The Women United ERG provides me and so many other women an opportunity to make an impact on others - to ensure no one feels excluded, put down, less than, or diminished. This group does that, and so much more. Getting to play even a small part in that is incredible.

Alyssa Robinson

Women United

Diversity Awards:

2020 Innovations in Diversity Awards

2022 National Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Excellence Award

Associated Builders and Contractors

United Rentals has received an Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Excellence Award from Associated Builders and Contractors. The award recognizes United Rentals as a company that displays exemplary IDE leadership in its company, workforce, supply chain and community with best-in-class recruitment policies, retention practices, and training and mentoring.

2020 Innovations in Diversity Awards

2022 Innovations in Diversity Award

Profiles in Diversity Journal

Profiles in Diversity Journal has presented United Rentals with the Innovations in Diversity award. This honor recognizes some of the world’s largest companies that take diversity and inclusion to a new level.

2020 Innovations in Diversity Awards

2023 Supplier Diversity Award

Military Friendly

United Rentals was featured on the 2023 Military Friendly® Supplier Diversity list, which identifies companies that demonstrate their dedication to the veteran community by including veteran-owned businesses in their supplier diversity programs.

2020 Innovations in Diversity Awards

Award of Excellence

Innovations in Diversity & Inclusion Awards 2020

We were recognized with an Award of Excellence in 2020 by Profiles in Diversity Journal for our Building a Better Future Roundtable Project.